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Acto carlista en Tolosa (1976)

(3 Oct 1976) The Carlist rally was attended by a crowd of more than 3,000. it was the first such meeting since the spanish civil war in 1936. tolosa, in the basque country, is an industrial town which has been the scene of much unrest in recent weeks. After the Rally right-wingers clashed with the carlists and police intervened with tear-gas grenades and rubber bullets.


Vídeo de Montejurra 1979

(6 May 1979) The annual pilgrimage by Spain’s Carlist monarchist movement to their holy mountain of Montejurra. Carlist monarchist claimant, Prince Carlos VIII signs autographs for his supporters.

Vídeo de Montejurra 1978

(8 May 1978) Spain’s Carlists, a left-wing monarchist movement, held their traditional pilgrimage to their “holy mountain” at Montejurra in northern Spain. It was the first time they had commemorated the day in full freedom since the Spanish civil war. The Carlists’ leader, Prince Carlos Hugo de Borbon y Parma, who was allowed to return from exile last year, led the procession.